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by Psychic Jerry III




I bolster my being in this love

These words, she writes, doth woo

Her words, forever more than mine

Not ‘now more than ever before’

But con smania, to be sure


My waves recede, and our worlds crash

Like as not, Bandicoot—which is the real?

Life is but a projection—your, up again!

Let it be thus b – e – a – utiful as can be

Gather up ye buds—all the most colorful ‘owers

Do with them what - ever you will do

Let it be but done in the name of love—

Your love, so much is the thrill.


So strong it is, a dragon’s deep breathing

No fear, nor fire—we bringin’ that steady smoke

A smoldering glowing ember of a thing

A meteoric love, like all love is,

But lover, your love is for all time.

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