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Feeling My Way


Divine Source, would to me you give a sign?

Might you spark this lost light of mine?

Naught to do but shine shakti’s own rays

My kundalini love, boundless in her ways


It opened up my eyes, I heard the sound

I AM—stronger than the loudest round

Chakras aflame, she burns up the dross

I AM—like Humpty Dumpty, all at a loss


Whiskey for her horses, beer for the queen’s men

I went to sit under a tree, finding no yang, no yin

There was laugher in the aether, that great empty space

Full of echoes striking chords, so wild in its grace


No wink, no curtsy, no flirtsy—nothing of the like

This life giver, she’s wont to deliver a clear strike

Persist, I must, as the fool might, no hope in sight

Feeling my way through the darkness, and the light.

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