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Yogi & Meditation Teacher

Medium Writer

Bitcoin Consultant

accepting oneness / duality 

via practiced mindfulness / meditation

and a careful embodiment of discipline / empathy / compassion

within the true energetic vibrations of the holographic soul

is my & our lifetime's most beautiful endeavor

About Me

I am a yogi and meditation teacher who offers free 30-minute meditation sessions at The Full Moon Healing Studio in Wilmington, North Carolina


After experiencing a spontaneous kundalini awakening in January 2021, taking a pilgrimage to the pyramids of Egypt, and studying with an enlightened teacher, I have soaked up a whole lotta light that I hope to share with you.  I am delighted at the ways mindfulness, empathy, and unconditional love can transform our lives and allow miracles to happen.

In addition to teaching meditation, I write on Medium, record a Kundalini Education lecture series on YouTube, and offer a Bitcoin-education course on Teachable. Of course, I am available for 1-on-1 meditations, consultations, and healing sessions upon request. In the meantime, with every beautiful now moment, I trust you to dive heart-first into life and to love unconditionally.

You can find my full bio, contact information, and resume here.