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The Catalyst 9am in Dallas, this morning the 24th of March, I recorded a reading of a story that was written by a former student of mine at Aspen High. It's called "The Catalyst," and it's a short fiction story about death.  It's really dope.  Like, I got to give an award to this student for writing such a phenomenal tale. 


(if you would like to be granted private access, please contact me directly)

It's value to me is multiplied exponentially, in having only a physical, printed copy, with the few marginal notes, circlings, and underlinings from when I first read it whilst "grading" this former student's "homework" as a high school English teacher in the spring of 2017, four years and a score of lifetimes ago.  

As such, I cannot provide the story in text   I am happily handcuffed in not sharing the work of a former student, due to the otherwise respectfully confidential nature implicit in the delivery & storage of written assignments...


...especially those tuned to the particular frequency of, and submitted to the state, as it were, in order to meet a standard obligation regarding, the reckless and humble pursuit of creative expository fiction writing.  


In recording this particular "reading" of the story, I have made it my own.  The emphasis is mine, and not the author's.  Neither I nor said student is responsible for any mistranslations.  I, for example, cannot be sure that I have even pronounced the names of the characters with any accuracy at all.    

Note: This is but a lengthy caption; it is without disclamation.  I have more than a handful of beyond beautiful short stories that I wish to privately share, that exist, so far as I know, nowhere else that I can readily find or access.  As a matter of pure fact, I cannot even tell you the names of the authors responsible for the words which have been read aloud.  If you're still reading this, you realize by now this is in fact a disclaimer and that Jerry bears 0% legal responsibility whatsoever for the conclusions reached by whosoever listeners and viewers with which here-to-forth and thus hitherto aforementioned it has been privately shared. 

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